Browsing my tv planner last night I came across ‘Cannibals, what’s the harm?’   A little taken aback I wondered about it for a few minutes.  I came to the conclusion that as horrific as it sounds, if you were in the ‘Alive’ scenario, stuck on top of a mountain for months with no food and people dropping dead all around you. I guess there would be no harm.  Lop off the odd limb and chuck it on the barby.  Just when I was coming around to the idea I realized it actually said ‘Cannabis, what’s the harm?’.   D’oh!


4 thoughts on “Cannibalism

  1. Paula G says:

    Brilliant thought process – just proves how your mind works. Loving the blog and noticing the similarities in your writing style to the first book. Any more movement on when it becomes available? Xx

  2. dldzioba says:

    Dude, I do things like that all the time. *giggles* Human meat would be the best to consume, in theory, because the nutrients are broken down correctly for our system.

  3. dldzioba says:

    Actually, according to some books my friend likes quoting (she finds serial killers interesting and she’s actually my source of knowledge in that field) human meat tastes more like pork than anything else.

    But you made me giggle a lot.

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