The Kings Speech

I went to see The Kings Speech yesterday. I have to agree that Colin Firth’s portrayal of King George VI was excellent.  How he managed to carry off that speech impediment so well is beyond me.  HBC was also good although not my favorite actress, I think she is over cast. She seems to be in everything lately, but she did do a great job in her role as the Queen Mother.  It looks like there are a couple of decent films coming up.  I was interested to see Graham Greene’s ‘Brighton Rock’ is coming out soon although I think I may have to read the book first. Also the new Clint Eastwood film ‘Hereafter’, a supernatural thriller with Matt Damon looks very interesting too.


3 thoughts on “The Kings Speech

  1. Completely agree on the “Hereafter” piece; Mr Eastwood proves to be not just a hell of an actor but also to be a very decent director, IMHO comparable with Ollie Stone (just thinking of ‘Letters from Iwo Jima’ and ‘Flags of our Fathers’; both films are about the same Island, Iwo Jima. ‘Letters’ is the Japanese vision, ‘Flags’ the same story seen from American view.)

    Sorry… didn’t wanna waffle on but Mr Eastwood is one of my all time ‘idols’…



  2. dldzioba says:

    I LOVED The King’s Speech and was really impressed with it. My boyfriend teased me when I told him I wanted to see it saying that nobody was interested in films nominated for best picture. In the end he liked it to.

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